Did you know?

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Human Trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world,      second only to the drug trade and it is a form of modern-day slavery.

Florida is the 3rd leading state in the nation for human trafficking activities because of our agricultural and recreational industries.

Tampa Bay and surrounding counties have a high incident of sexual and labor exploitation of all ages and gender.

The average reported age in the nation of trafficked youth is 16.

The average life span of a sexual exploited female is 7 years.

Runaway and homeless teens are particularly vulnerable to becoming a human trafficked victim.

Education and prevention, particularly focusing on the social media is key to preventing potential victims.

If you suspect you may have encountered human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center 1-888-373-7888. If you are mistaken, no harm done. If you are correct—you may save a life.



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